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If you are silent long enough

Your body whispers

You are enough

                                                                                                                                  Aldrin V. Gomes

Every Second

Every second of every minute

somewhere in this world

an angel breaks up

with their satan

and is adrift wondering

for a considerable time

until they realize

they have glorious wings

and can fly.

                                                                                                                                                            Aldrin V. Gomes

Time to Laugh


I had a cat who loved to chase people on a skateboard.

He'd chase folks on the street with glee,

And the joy in his eyes was easy to see.

But alas, his antics were too much,

People were frightened by his rush,

I had to intervene,

To stop him from this type of play,

And take his cherished skateboard away.

I had a friend with a taste for ribs,

A meat lover through and through.

He'd chow down on a rack or two,

And leave his plate clean, as good foodies do.


While he was dining at a fast-food spot,

A kid eating a carrot came up

And said, "I thought only dogs eat bones."

My friend replied, "My dog eats carrots."

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